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Professional Coaching Services

“Everybody needs a coach”. That’s what Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, told Fortune Magazine when asked what was the best advice he had ever received. Think about it, every great athlete, performer, business leader have a coach. Having a Coach is not about having a weakness, it’s recognising you have potential to move from your good self to your greatest self. And coaching really is for everyone, not just executives. You want more for yourself and you know you have the potential to get it. A coach can help you get perspective, think outloud and accelerate your goals to transport you from where you are now to where you want to go.   

Coaching can help you:

  • Move forward if feeling stuck
  • Prepare for transitions so you can make your next move the best one for you (such as moving from school to Uni or apprenticeship role, into work for the first time or back to work after a spell of absence, or a promotion)
  • Handle difficult situations and emotions
  • Manage anxiety and stress
  • Decide the next steps in a career path
  • Speak with confidence – interviews, presentations, have conversations with impact
  • Improve self esteem and confidence

Live your best life.

Educational Transition

Moving through sixth form, University, Gap year, Apprenticeship scheme, into work. Coaching can help you decide your next move for your future and do so with confidence

Career Transition

Whether it’s starting a new job changing career direction, or returning to work after extended absence, Coaching can help you navigate your routemap for personal success

Leadership Transition

New to leadership or managing people for the first time? Leadership coaching can be critical to build your confidence leading others and accelerate your success

Parental Transition

Coaching for parents to successfully manage their parent journey and professional life. Mandy helps parents develop coaching skills which support building resilience in families.

Discover your Passions

Build Resilience

Make Smart Choices

Working with others

Coach Mandy partners with other organisations to deliver impactful coaching to young people and individuals at all stages of their life looking to improve their personal effectiveness.

Past Clients from these organisations



“The coaching experience was excellent. It wasn’t what I had expected but Mandy’s style of coaching was brilliant. She challenged me and facilitated the session in such a way so that I thought of things in a different way, giving me the confidence to approach my career in a different light”

Coach Mandy is part of Sonas Wellbeing Ltd, a consulting and coaching company for organisational health and wellbeing